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Rules you need to know to create a perfect boho look

How much do you know about boho? Although some think that the boho trend has appeared only recently, its roots can be traced back to the pre-Raphaelite era. Now, the style is revived and wins new fans every day all over the world. Women are doing their best to create an emblematic boho chic style. However, not all of them succeed. We are here to share several rules you need to follow if you want to look gorgeous wearing boho items.

The first thing to remember is that you should opt for natural colors and color combinations. No neons.  Your basic palette should consist of cream, white, ivory, olive, warm brown and green, earthy red, warm yellow, and such-like tones. Of course, you do not have to stick to pale colors only. The accent can be made with the help of a bright accessory. Just remember that boho style is about looking natural.

The second rule concerns fabrics. Since the boho style is all about freedom, femininity, and subtlety, you should choose predominately natural fabrics to achieve the desired effect. Opt for cotton, silk, linen, chiffon, wool, lace, and other natural materials that are soft, smooth, and floating. Again, this rule does not mean that you cannot wear synthetics. Just be careful when you choose such clothes: do not take those made of fabrics that look cheap and feel bad to the skin.

Third, layers and multi-layered textures are very welcome. The real boho fashion is always about layering floating material to create mind-blowing boldness and originality. However, your layers should match, of course. For example, if you opt for a long boho dress, it would be nice to have a cardigan over it. A boho bikini will perfectly match with a boho beach dress or a boho skirt and, of course, boho sandals.

Remember about patterns and prints. The most popular ones are floral and ethnic. You can also try checks, eclectic prints, and even geometric ones. The only limit is your fantasy and sense of style. We hope, you understand that pants with geometrical patterns will hardly match a blouse patterned with flowers.

Accessories matter a great deal in boho. Don’t be afraid to be bold in this respect. No matter if you opt for bags, scarves, hats, or jewelry, you can exaggerate with everything you choose. Boho accessories should leap to the eye. The preference is given to ethnic designs, uneven shapes, huge beads and gems, natural materials (for bags, belts, and scarves), and so on. Your anklets, bracelets, earrings, rings, or watches should be statement pieces.

One of the key rules about boho is that comfort is your priority. An authentic boho outfit is laidback and comfortable with bulky clothes, maxi dresses and skirts, sandals, boots, knitted cardigans, wide-brim hats, and so on.

Finally, you can go boho not only in clothes. Consider boho home décor to create an atmosphere which will make you feel comfortable and happy!

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